Torvehallerne a modern and popular market place in Copenhagen wanted energy savings as well as a significant improvement of the lighting for its 80 shops.


Torvehallerne is a modern and popular market place in Copenhagen where you can find many Danish as well as international delicacies, local vegetables, fresh fish and much more. Torvehallerne were designed by architect Hans Hagen and was opened in September 2011 with more than 80 shops on 2.500 square meters in two buildings.
The buildings were illuminated with high power Halogen Floodlights mounted as up-lights.
As part of reaching energy saving goals as well as improving the general lighting in the buildings Jeudan A/S, the owner, decided on LED lighting from EURO Lumex.


The two buildings were illuminated with halogen floodlights mounted as up-light on a range of columns in the center of the buildings. The existing up-light didn’t provide sufficient light throughout the buildings. A solution giving more and brighter light was required.
All shops and pathways along the outer perimeter of the buildings suffered from insufficient illumination. New additional lighting was required.


For the up-light a total of 52 pcs. 300W Halogen Floodlights were replaced with 52 pcs. EURO Lumex 70W LED floodlights providing 50% more light compared with the existing Halogen floodlights.
Along the outer perimeter of the buildings 112 pcs. EURO Lumex 20W LED floodlights was installed.


There is a calculated reduction of 63% in the energy consumption even though 112 pcs. 20W LED Floodlights was added. The investment including installation has a payback period of less than 2,5 years, falling well within the warranty period of 5 years.

Increasing the general lux level significantly by replacing existing lighting with LED as well as adding additional LED lighting fixtures resulted in an excellent and pleasant shopping experience.


Customer : Torvehallerne, owner: Jeudan A/S
Location : Copenhagen, Denmark
Type : Market place, shopping center
Objective : increase and improvement of light as well as energy savings.

EURO Lumex Products

  • 900LED-FL-70W-IP65-WW-1   
  • 70W LED Floodlight, 3000K
  • 900LED-FL-20W-IP65-WW-1   
  • 20W LED Floodlight, 3000K