Symbion, a Copenhagen based incubator for new businesses required new lighting as part of a major interior renovation.


Symbion, a Copenhagen based incubator for new businesses, who offers rooms for conferences, seminars and workshops asked Tine Mouritsen, a respected Danish interior designer, to create an even better working environment for their clients: Inspirational surroundings that spark creativity and network, yet with a feeling of being fully undisturbed, relaxed and in the best possible hands to make amazing decisions. The bright colors and the Nordic design with its minimalistic geometry is a running theme throughout the building.


Energy efficient LED lighting solution, which visually appear as an integrated part of the acoustic ceiling panels forming a part of the interior design.


EURO Lumex developed a new lighting plan based on a custom designed LED panel under the constraint of fitting into the custom made acoustic ceiling panels.


The custom LED panels assures bright and welcoming light in all hallways underlining the bright colors of the interior design.

This project is a golden example of EURO Lumex’s expertise of providing high quality, innovative and project specific solutions resulting.


Customer : Symbion A/S
Location : Copenhagen, Denmark
Type : Hallways
Objective : increase and improvement of light as well as energy savings.

EURO Lumex Products

  • 900LED-DL-36W-6080-WW-W-1  
  • Slimline LED Panel 36W, 40x80cm, 3000K