Skagen Culture & Leisure Centre

As part of reaching its energy saving goals as well as improving the light Skagen Culture & Leisure Centre decided on EURO Lumex Linear High Bay fixtures as well as LED panel throughout all its sports and fitness facilities.


Skagen Culture & Leisure Centre is located in northern Jutland and is a privately held sport and fitness facility. The Culture & Leisure Centre includes a large 800sqm high ceiling hall as well as two smaller low ceiling activity and fitness halls.
The center was built in 1972, why the time had come to improve to upgrade the lighting with LED lighting as well as save energy.


The larger sports hall used for soccer, handball, tennis etc. has a floor area of 800sqm and with a ceiling height of 9 meters. The existing lighting fixtures included 82pcs 4x58W T8 CFL Tube fixtures, providing insufficient lighting for tournaments and without the ability to dim the light.

The two smaller activity and fitness halls suffered from insufficient light from 2x58W T8 CLF Tube fixtures.


Using the EURO Lumex Linear High Bay fixtures designed for high ceiling applications the number of lighting fixtures was reduced from 82pcs to 54pcs. All Linear High Bay fixtures was installed with Dali control.

The two smaller halls were fitted with 45W Slimline EURO Lumex LED panels and with Dali control.


The light level in the large hall was increased by 50% and at the same time secured energy savings of approx. 70%, providing a Return-of-investment of less than 4 years including installation through energy savings. With the Dali control the light could be dimmed from 100lux to 800lux in average.

The light level in the two smaller halls were increased with 60% securing an average lux level of 400lux throughout the halls and an energy saving of 68%.

This project is yet another example of EURO Lumex’s expertise of providing high quality, innovative and project specific solutions resulting in shortest possible ROI-time, high energy savings as well as improved work environment.


Customer : Skagen Culture & Leasure Centre
Location : Skagen, Denmark
Type : Fitness Centre, large and small sports hall
Objective : energy saving as well as improvement of light.

EURO Lumex Products

  • HBLP-IP65-200W-WW-4  Linear High Bay, 200W LumenPlus, 150CM, 3000K, Dali
  • 900LED-DL-45W-3012-W-WW-1 LED Panel 45W, 295x1195mm., 3000K, Dali