Saint Gobain Head Office, Copenhagen

EURO Lumex have developed a custom LED fixture for Gyptone’s Edge D2 ceiling, which ensure efficient interaction between aesthetics, acoustics and lighting in the room.


EURO Lumex have developed a custom LED panel for Gyptone, a ceiling system manufacturer part of the Saint-Gobain Group, a French multinational construction material manufacturer.

The goal was to develop a state-of-the-art LED fixture, which integrates ceilings and light.


Lighting is as key design element of a ceiling. The challenge when designing the LED lighting fixture was to ensure efficient interaction between aesthetics, acoustics and lighting in the room.


The Gyptone Edge D2 Tiles and the D2 LED lighting fixture is a completely new integrated solution for designing ceilings with demountable tiles in a concealed grid system. The new Edge D2 Tiles and D2 Lighting fixture opens the door to improved ceiling design. The joint between the tiles and the lighting fixture are less visible, providing a delightful overall impression of a unified ceiling that presents a pure, harmonious appearance.

The D2 lighting fixture is fitted directly into the concealed grid system in the exact same manner as the Edge D2 tiles. This makes it very quick and easy to install both the D2 lighting fixture and Edge D2 gypsum tiles and at the same time provides a stronger and more stable ceiling than other types of concealed grid systems.


The new integrated design of lighting and ceiling opens up new opportunities for designing ceilings, where lighting and acoustic gypsum ceilings are truly integrated, leaving a calm and unobstructed ceiling design.


Customer : Gyptone, Saint-Gobain
Location : Headoffice Copenhagen, Denmark
Type : Office
Objective : New LED fixtures for Gyptone Edge D2 ceiling

EURO Lumex Products

  • ELD2-32W-6060-WW-4   Gyptone D2 LED Panel 32W, 60×60, 3000K, Dali