Næstved Tennisclub

As part of reaching energy saving goals as well as improving the lighting on tennis courts high power linear LED fixtures from EURO Lumex was installed.


Næstved Tennis Club is privately owned and driven Club. The club has several outdoor as well as indoor tennis courts.

As part of a renovation of the indoor tennis facilities new energy efficient lighting was needed as well improvement of light over the tennis courts was required.


The challenge was to supply sufficient light on the court, with a low glare and at the same time provide an energy efficient solution.


EURO Lumex developed a new lighting plan based on its high energy efficient and state-of-the-art Linear High Bay fixtures, specially designed for sports facilities and industrial applications.

A total of 12 pcs Linear High Bay fixtures was installed along the side of each court, 6 pcs on each side.


The solution from EURO Lumex assured a light level of more than 300 lux on the court with low glare.

There is a 70% energy savings and the investment including installation has a payback period of 2,9 years, falling well within the warranty period of 5 years.


Customer : Næstved Tennisclub
Location : Næstved, Denmark
Type : Tennis court
Objective : increase and improvement of light as well as energy savings.

EURO Lumex Products

  • HBL-IP65-200W-WW-1   
  • Linear High Bay, 200W, , 3000K