Lindehøj Healthcare Centre

As part of interior renovation of an activity centre as well as a canteen in the Healthcare Centre, new energy efficient lighting and improvement of lighting was required.


Lindehøj Healthcare Centre service 2.000 elderly people. The activity centre and canteen should undergo a major renovation. Interior design was made by Ginnerup Architects.


The LED lighting fixtures had to be minimalistic, slim and elegant when installed and at the same time deliver sufficient light for elderly people.


A natural choice was EURO Lumex’s Slimline LED panels suspended from the ceiling with thin wires. The system assures a minimalistic, discreet and elegant solution. The lighting system is dimmable and can provide more than 500 lux when needed and lower light level when a cozy atmosphere is wanted.


A solution which fits perfectly into the contemporary interior design and provides sufficient low glare light for elderly activities.


Customer : Lindehøj Healthcare Center
Location : Horsens, Denmark
Type : Elderly healtcare
Objective : Increase and improvement of light as well as energy savings.

EURO Lumex Products

  • 900LED-DL-45W-3012-WW-4 Slimline LED Panel 45W, 295x1195mm., 3000K