Langmark School

As part of reaching its energy saving goals as well as improving the lighting / teaching environment Horsens Municipality decided on LED lighting in the entire building including classrooms, hallways and entrance areas.


Langmark School is located in Horsens in east Jutland, Denmark. The school was build in 1962 and at the time one of the most modern schools in Denmark. The time had come to improve on the lighting, which was energy inefficient and did not meet today’s standards for lighting.


As part of the architectural design of the building non-standard lighting fixtures was made and installed at the time using incandescent light bulbs, which later was replaced with CFL light bulbs. The lighting fixture housing is deep, has no reflector and with a mat painted grill, which over the years has become dirty and worn.

Replacing the whole lighting fixture with a new custom made lighting fixture was very expensive giving a very long ROI.

A LED lighting solution has to re-use the existing fixture housing and, when installed, be flush mounted with the underside of the fixture housing.


EURO Lumex developed a new lighting plan based on a custom designed LED panel under the constraint of fitting into the existing fixture housing, must be easy/quick to installation and reuse the existing wiring infrastructure.

To visually hide the color difference of the fixture housing, due to many years of normal “wear and tear”, and the LED panel a 7mm. “shadow” edge was created between the housing and LED panel. For easy installation four brackets on the backside of the LED panel provided an easy “click-in” mounting of the LED panel into the existing holes in the housing for the old fixture grill. A total of 650 pcs LED panels was installed.


The light level in the classrooms increased from 70-150 lux to more than 300 lux thereby significantly improving the work/study environment. The light level in the hallways increased from 10-70 lux to more than 300 lux.

This project is yet another example of EURO Lumex’s expertise of providing high quality, innovative and project specific solutions resulting in shortest possible ROI-time, high energy savings as well as improved work environment.


Customer : Langmark School
Location : Horsens, Denmark
Type : Classrooms, hallways and entrences
Objective : increase and improvement of light as well as energy savings.

EURO Lumex Products

  • 900LED-DL-30W-3838-W-W-1 
  • LED Panel 30W, 382x382mm., 3000K