VEGA 8” LED Downlight Spot, 18W

General Details


The VEGA Downlight Spot Series has been developed for 1-to-1 retrofit og existing traditional 8″ compact fluorescent downlight spots. The VEGA Downlight Spot can be mounted in hole sizes from 200-225mm. The front is 235mm. in diameter, which means that it can be retrofitted / replace basically all existing 8 “compact fluorescent downlights on the market in Europe without having to paint the ceiling. There is no need for new cabling or cutting larger holes in the ceiling. The VEGA Downlight Spot is front-mounted and can be installed in both plaster ceilings and dropped ceiling systems. Unlike most other LED downlight spots on the market the LED driver integrated with the VEGA Downlight Spot Housing and does therefore not need be fastened to a solid surface as required by safety regulations in some countries.

The VEGA LED Downlight Spot is a stylish, functional and easy to install downlight spot, and is therefore the best choice for lighting renovations as well as new constructions.

The VEGA Downlight Spot Series comes in three lumen packages: 1600, 2100 and 2900 lumen, colour temperature of 3000K, 4000K and 5200K and with standard On / Off or Dali LED Driver.


• 1-to-1 retrofit of ALL types of 8” CLF Spots
• Can be mounted in hole size 200-225mm.
• Min. 50% energy saving
• Unique heat sink design
• Integrated LED driver
• Life span:> 50,000 hours
• 5-years Product Warranty / 20-years Service Warranty

Technical Info


Power : 18W
CCT : Warm White (WW) : 3000K
Nature White (NW) : 4000K
White : 5200K
Luminous Flux : Warm White : 2150 lm
Nature White : 2240 lm
White : 2300 lm
Radiation Angle : 45°
CRI : > 80
Lifetime – L70 : >50.000 hours at 25°C
Supply : 220-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Temperature : -20°C to +36°C
Humidity : 10-80%
Approvals : CE, RoHS