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EURO Lumex is always looking for great partners.

Our most simple partnering opportunity is our Referral Partner Program where your warm introduction to a customer pays you a percentage of the total project cost for every new LED lighting project undertaken by the introduced customer for a period of 3 years. We also work with Sales and Industry/Wholesaler Partners that go beyond simple introductions through participation in project origination, closing, auditing or installation services and compensation is tied to each individual project’s scope and margin.

Referral Partners

Our Referral Partners simply make connections with their network to us through participation in a joint conference call, introductory email or an in person meeting. Examples include commercial real estate professionals, lone wolf developers, business advisors, energy auditors, contractors, consultants, community members or anyone who has earned their trusted network of friends and business colleagues. If you believe that someone in your network might benefit from a new LED lighting system, simply connect us and if a project comes to fruition then we’ll pay you 2% on every LED lighting project undertaken by your introduced customer over the next 3 years. Simple. Clean. Easy. You provide us warm leads and we do the rest. If we turn your lead into a sale, you get rewarded.

Sales Partners

Our Sales Partners are able to offer additional services through project origination, closing and auditing services. Examples include commercial real estate professionals, lone wolf developers, installers, energy auditors, contractors or anyone who can generate business and close. If you believe you’re an excellent business developer that is experienced in identifying true customer value and showing a path from concept to close, any project that you bring to us that comes to fruition will result in a fee on every LED lighting project undertaken by your originated customer over the next 3 years. Fees are project and scope specific, but generally are 3-5%. Still simple. Still clean. Still easy. You bring us projects and services, we’ll train you to help and you’ll get rewarded.

Industry/Wholesaler Partners

Our Industry/Wholesaler Partners are able to offer a nearly complete package through project origination, closing, auditing and installation services. Examples include wholesalers, lone wolf developers, installers, contractors or anyone who knows how to close, audit and provide in depth project services. If you believe that you’re an experienced and solid Industry Partner candidate for new LED lighting systems, any project that you bring to us that comes to fruition will result in a fee on every LED lighting project undertaken by your originated customer over the next 3 years. Fees are project and scope specific, but generally are 5-10%. Still pretty simple. Still pretty clean. Still pretty easy. You bring us projects and services with a small amount of hand holding and you’ll get a reward.

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