Architectural Lighting for Gyptone Edge D2 Ceilings

Inspiration and design for Gyptone ceilings

A new integrated design of lighting and ceilings

Saint-Gobain Office, Copenhagen, Denmark

A feeling of well-being

A ceiling is very different from all other areas in a room.
The expression you create with a ceiling must remain untouched, straightforward and must have a high level of integration of the various objects in the ceiling. The ceiling plays a major role in your creative vision for the room below it.
When the room is important for generating a good working environment or a comfortable place to spend your time and daily life, the significance of the ceiling cannot be underestimated. A well- designed ceiling must include lighting fixtures and acoustic tiles, which has the capacity to improve not only the light and acoustics and general appearance of the room, but also the feeling of being in a light and sound, comfortable setting. It means improved well-being and thus a more pleasant and productive work environment for employees.

EURO Lumex is pleased to introduce a LED lighting fixture specifically designed for the new Gyptone Edge D2 ceiling tiles, which opens up new opportunities for designing ceilings, where lighting and acoustic gypsum ceilings are truly integrated leaving a calm and unobstructed ceiling design.

Draw inspiration from the following pages and give us a call if you would like to find out more about the opportunities and benefits that EURO Lumex lighting and Gyptone ceiling provides.

When the integration of light is important

Light is a significant, but often ignored, factor with regard to indoor climate and the general perception of the room. Altering the lighting can change the entire ambience in a room and improve the room environment significantly leaving a higher level of wellbeing and boost in productivity. It is essential to think carefully about, which lights to use and where to place them.

The LED lighting fixture from EURO Lumex for Gyptone ceilings D2 function as key design element of the ceiling and simultaneously help ensure efficient interaction operation between aesthetics, acoustics and lighting in the room. The LED lighting fixture offers high energy efficiency and assures light according to all international standards for artificial lighting.

New design – better integration, quick and easy

The Gyptone Edge D2 Tiles and the D2 LED lighting fixture is a completely new integrated solution for designing ceilings with demountable tiles in a concealed grid system. The new Edge D2 Tiles and D2 Lighting fixture opens the door to improved ceiling design. The joint between the tiles and the lighting fixture are less visible, providing a delightful overall impression of a unified ceiling that presents a pure, harmonious appearance.

The D2 lighting fixture is fitted directly into the concealed grid system in the exact same manner as the Edge D2 tiles. This makes it very quick and easy to install both the D2 lighting fixture and Edge D2 gypsum tiles and at the same time provides a stronger and more stable ceiling than other types of concealed grid systems.

More economical and flexible
The new Edge D2 system makes it quicker and easier to install the Edge D2 tiles and D2 lighting fixtures. The installation process itself is very simple, and provides maximum flexibility as the D2 lighting fixture and tiles can be moved to new locations when needed.

Edge D2 gypson tile and D2 LED fixture mounted directly in the grid system.

With EURO Lumex D2 lighting fixtures and Gyptone Edge D2 ceiling system you get a strong and durable acoustic ceiling with optimal lighting and with an aesthetic look and a long service life – and with the practical, sustainable and energy efficient properties that automatically stem from a gypsum ceiling and LED lighting.

Technical Specifications

The D2 LED fixture has the same physical outline and color as the Gyptone Edge D2 Ceiling Tiles, making the LED fixture visually and architecturally become an integrated part of the acoustic ceilings.

LED fixtures from EURO Lumex are of high quality and suitable for commercial applications, where quality is of high importance to get best light and work environment. The LED fixtures are suitable for commercial applications like:
• Offices,
• Schools
• Hotels
• Conference- / Meeting rooms
• Hospitals
• Commercial buildings

Technical Specifications

Power : 32W
CCT : 3000K, Warm White (WW)
4000K, Natural White (NW)
6000K, White (W)
Luminous Flux : Warm White : 2.530lm
Nature White : 2.650lm
White : 2.700lm
MacAdam : 3
Radiation Angle : 120°
CRI : > 80
IP Class : IP40
Lifetime – L70 : >50.000 hours at 25°C
Supply : 220-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Weight : 5,5kg
Approval : CE, RoHs
Warranty : 5 years

Technical Drawings

Feel good inside

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, which means that the indoor climate is a key parameter in all buildings – offices, schools, workplaces etc.

Perfect lighting 

People receive about 85 percent of their information through their sense of sight. Lighting is crucial to a good indoor work environment. All EURO Lumex lighting fixtures have been developed to provide the best lighting scene in offices, schools etc., and they comply with all international standards for artificial lighting. Our passion is to development contemporary lighting products that gives the best lighting scene and environment.

Good sound 

Acoustics are important to a good indoor climate.. Good acoustics provide a pleasant noise level, where unwanted sounds are absorbed while speech can be heard clearly. All Gyptone acoustic ceilings have been developed to generate a good audio environment for room users, and they naturally meet with all legislative requirements for acoustics.

Cleaner air with Activ’Air

Construction materials, furniture, carpets, IT equipment and items of clothing all emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), such as formaldehyde. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), formaldehyde affects our health, and high concentrations can cause nausea, headache and other unpleasant symptoms. Today, Gyptone ceilings feature Activ’Air, a patented technology that actively breaks formaldehyde down into harmless, non-volatile compounds. Activ’Air helps reduce formaldehyde concentrations by as much as 60%.